We operate in a competitive service industry and our 
aim is to provide the highest levels of service in a
timely, proactive and astute manner. We are nothing
 without our teams.

Each person in the team has a very different role to
play. We operate a meritocracy. Consequently,
 members of the team who show dedication, ability, and 
performance, can and will progress to the highest

The legal environment is changing fast and technology 
plays a huge role. We need bold individuals who can
 anticipate, plan and adapt to such changes across the 
legal, social and cultural spheres. Creative thinkers
 who can revolutionise the way we work are the future
 of our business.

Heads of Department

Each of our Heads of Department has a proven track 
record of being a successful lawyer and team leader.
 They are responsible for managing their teams, client 
relationships and business development.

Their strengths and qualities include leadership skills,
 wisdom and maturity of thought and judgment, being
 highly respected based upon a strong reputation, being a team player and being commercially aware and
 astute. They are skilled in business development,
 entrepreneurship, marketing and management of
 clients, people, finances and risk.


Each of our Directors also has a track record as a
successful lawyer, client and people manager and
 committed team player.

They are also able to demonstrate good business
 development and marketing skills, client retention and
 management skills, entrepreneurial skills and a proven
 ability to train, supervise and manage other lawyers
 and support staff.

Associates / Senior Solicitors

These are the front-line lawyers that our Heads of
 Department and Directors depend upon to deliver a first
 class legal service.

They have the knowledge, skill and ability to undertake 
their legal work and manage projects both individually 
and as part of a team. Our Associates are potentially
 the future Directors and leaders of the Firm.

Junior Solicitors

Our solicitors work closely with our Heads of
 Department, Directors, Associates and other team
 members to deliver our services. They are the main
 point of day-to-day contact with clients and are
 responsible for keeping matters progressing smoothly.

They have the benefit of being trained and working
 alongside our senior lawyers and we would expect 
them to progress to such levels as the firm grows and
 they grow.

Trainee Solicitors

Trainees are based in our Harrow office working
 alongside lawyers across our departments.

Trainees will have the opportunity to work in at least 3
 of the firm’s specialist areas of law and also have an
 opportunity to be exposed to other departments.

At this stage in their careers, we do expect trainees not
 only to experience as wide a variety of work as
 possible, but also contribute to delivering legal
 services. They are essential team members.


We have a number of paralegals in various practice
 areas in the business. Our paralegals provide an
 integral role in supporting our qualified lawyers and 
they, in turn, gain great exposure and a wide range of 
responsibilities. Whether you are a career paralegal or
 an aspiring lawyer, you will get to work with our 
lawyers on interesting cases across a broad range of

Generally, paralegals who have proven themselves to
 be capable and competent will be offered and will
 progress to a training contract.

Other Professionals in our Firm

We must not ignore the wealth of talent we have in 
those who are not lawyers, but are integral to the firm
 and who may have other professional qualifications
 and experience such as in finance, management,
 consultancy, compliance, marketing, business
 development, IT and administrative support.

We develop clear career options for such
 professionals, recognising the valuable contribution 
they bring to the firm.