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Business Immigration Appeals

Vyman Solicitors can assist in all immigration and business immigration appeals, whether that is Appealing to the tribunal or Courts or submitting a Judicial Review. We advise on all refusals within the UK, civil penalty notices for employment of illegal workers, or refusal of entry clearance from overseas as a business migrant.

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Business Immigration Appeals

Since the Immigration Act 2014 has been passed appeal rights for all migrants have been grossly affected, but more importantly for Business Migrants the rights are significantly limited, hence expert legal advice should be sought to ensure the best course of action is taken.

For an appeal or judicial review to be successful, it is important for the decision to be thoroughly scrutinised to establish the facts that are accepted and then to assess the points of refusal that would need to be addressed in a court of law.

From our experience most appeals go to court because the Home Office has ignored fundamental evidence or ignored the exceptional circumstance of the applicant or business. With an assessment of the decision in detail, we can assist in preparation of an appeal or Judicial Review bundle which will uphold the justice and fairness.

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