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Commercial Contracts

Every business deals with a range of people from other businesses to suppliers to individuals to manufacturers to distributors. In every aspect of business life, there are contracts which document the business relationship. The strength of a contract often becomes apparent when the business relationship breaks down.

To avoid these situations arising, our commercial contracts team at Vyman work with our business clients to help identify the key elements of the relationship. These elements are incorporated in the contract and as part of the process, we work with clients to consider what could go wrong so that we can make the contract as water-tight as possible. Our goal is to limit your financial exposure and also protect your business.

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Dealing with Commercial Contracts 

Clients often come to us when the business relationship has broken down. By that stage, we have to rely on the documents that already exist. Resolving the issues can therefore be time consuming and very costly. We work with our business clients to avoid these situations from arising. 

Our Commercial Contracts team have experience of drafting and negotiating the following:

Service agreement

Franchising contracts

Distribution agreements

Terms and conditions

Consultancy agreements

Supplier contracts

Commercial Contracts Experts

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Kajal Patel
Associate Solicitor | Commercial Property, Corporate and Commercial
Consultant Solicitor | Commercial Property, Residential Property
Consultant Solicitor | Commercial Property, Healthcare Businesses