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Contractual Disputes

In business, it is daily practice to sign contracts with your suppliers, customers or contractors to name a few examples. A contract is a legally binding agreement between at least two parties. It is a common misconception that contracts must be in writing to be binding and enforceable, but they can also be verbal. If one party fails to meet its obligations under the contract, the other party may be able to make a claim for damages against them.

If you think you may have a claim for breach of contract, or have had a claim made against you, it is essential that you seek legal advice as soon as possible as time limits will have started to run. If Court proceedings have been issued, the time limits are usually strict and if they are missed, there can be serious consequences.

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Our Litigation Team have extensive experience in being able to quickly identify and provide advice and guidance on key issues. These include the likelihood of successfully pursuing or defending a claim, the potential costs involved and any alternatives to litigation. In our experience carrying out this evaluation at an early stage can make all the difference between expensive, drawn out litigation and a speedy resolution agreeable to all parties.

    We understand that you would prefer to spend your valuable time managing your business than on litigation. We can offer flexible funding arrangements including the traditional hourly rates and, where appropriate, fixed fees and ‘no win no fee’ agreements.  

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