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Immigration Appeals

If your immigration application has been refused, we appreciate that this will be a worrying and confusing time. The experienced team of immigration lawyers at Vyman Solicitors can provide you with clear, pragmatic advice so that you are fully aware of your options as well as support in lodging your appeal.

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Immigration Appeals

My application has been refused- what can I do?

When you receive your decision letter, you will usually be notified of your right to appeal. Our immigration solicitors can thoroughly review your refusal letter, advising on the best course of action for your circumstances.

Depending on your specific application, you will usually have one of the following options to challenge the decision:

Administrative review

You can ask that the decision be reconsidered – this is called administrative review. You will typically have to do this within 14 days, explaining why you believe the decision was wrong. You will not usually be able to submit new information. This is not a full right of appeal

Appeals before the Immigration & Asylum Chamber – First Tier and Upper Tribunal

You may be able to appeal to the First-Tier Tribunal depending on your circumstances. You should be prepared to provide witness statements and other supporting evidence. If your application is refused again, you may be able to appeal to the Upper Tribunal.

Judicial review

If you are not presented with the right to appeal, our solicitors can assist by way of a Judicial Review claim. If there has been an error in law when deciding the app.