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Permanent Residents EEA

If you are a member of the EEA and you are looking for practical advice on the UK immigration process, we can help. Our lawyers can guide you through the process for permanent residence and provide affordable advice concerning family members who wish to reside in the UK with you. We understand that you may be concerned about the implications of Brexit and can help you take every precaution to minimise any difficulty you may experience when the UK leaves the EU.

To discuss your specific circumstances and concerns with one of our experienced immigration lawyers, call us today on 0208 051 2391 or complete our online form with your details, and we will get back to you.

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How will Brexit affect me?

There is great uncertainty surrounding Brexit. As a result, we would recommend all EU citizens to apply for documentation confirming their status in the UK as either settled or pre-settled. If you have lived in the UK for a continuous period of five years or more and can provide evidence to confirm that you have been employed, self-employed, self-sufficient or a student during this time, you should apply for permanent residence (settled status). If you have been living in the UK for less than five years, we would advise that you apply for a registration certificate or pre-settled status.

Applying for a Registration Certificate

If you are a member of the European Economic Area or Switzerland and wish to reside in the UK, you can apply for a registration certificate. While this certificate is not a legal requirement to reside in the UK, it is valid for five years and can be useful as evidence of your right to live in the UK. You can also use your residence certificate as supporting evidence in any application for permanent residence.

Permanent Residents EEA

Can I make an application for permanent residence?

EU nationals who have been residing in the UK for a continuous period of five years, and are a ‘qualifying person’ can make an application for permanent residence. Certain family members of EU citizens holding permanent residence may also be eligible to make an application.

Can I live with my family member who is a permanent resident from the EEA?

If you have a qualifying family member who is an EEA national currently settled in the UK, you may be able to reside with them. For these purposes, a family member is considered to be:

  • A spouse or civil partner;
  • A child or grandchild of you and your spouse or civil partner who is under 21 years of age or depends on you financially
  • A parent or grandparent of you or your spouse or civil partner, and depends on you financially

There are various options available to you in these circumstances, and our team will be able to advise you on the most suitable.

How can we help you?

Vyman Solicitors has a wealth of experience and can provide you with a full service to attain residency. 

We provide essential support to immigrants nationwide.

Please note that you need to formally instruct us or arrange an appointment before we can consider your matter or give you any advice. We do not accept instructions on a “no win, no fee” or legal aid basis.