Motoring offence – guidance fees

Guilty Plea

We will see you before the proceedings to take your full instructions advising you on both procedure and the evidence. We shall undertake all advocacy at court mitigating on your behalf. £750 plus VAT at 20%.

Application to Remove a Ban Early

If you have been disqualified from driving, there are occasions when you will be able to seek the permission of the court to have your disqualification removed. The disqualification has to have been for a minimum of two years for you to be able to apply. We will fully prepare the application, list it at the court and attend court to advance the arguments on your behalf. £1,000 plus VAT at 20%.

Exceptional Hardship

The court may have listed you matter as you face a disqualification. This could be because you are a “totter”. That means you have accrued 12 points on your licence. As a result, you would fall to be disqualified for a minimum of 6months.

We can assist you by making an exceptional hardship application. If you are successful, then the court would not disqualify you. You would not be permitted to advance that argument for a 3year period following the court hearing. in writing. We will take your instructions advising on law and procedure and act for you at court. £1,000 plus VAT at 20%.

Contested Trial/Special Reasons Argument

We will fully prepare your case for trial. This ill include taking you full instructions and statements from witnesses that you may have. We will deal with the court and apply for adjournments where necessary. £3,000 plus VAT at 20%.

Not included in the fee is the price of any expert. If an expert is necessary, for example a toxicologist, we will discuss the likely fees in advance and agree these with you.

One hour consultation

£250 plus VAT at 20%.

Responding to a S172

Taking your instructions, and completing the form on your behalf – £250 plus VAT at 20%.

Factors That Can Affect the Fixed Fee

We try whether possible to adhere to the fees set out above. However, occasionally if you instruct us at short notice just before a hearing or in connection with several allegations or the court dealing with your case is in a remote location, then there will be a slight increase to the fees quoted above. We will always discuss this with you in advance.


Disbursements will be on a case by case basis. However a typical experts report would be between £650 – £1000 + VAT at 20%. We would discuss this with you in advance. Any additional disbursements would be spoken about before costs are incurred.

Time scale

For guilty plea cases, we would expect for the case to finish at the first hearing. For not guilty pleas the average timespan is between 3- 6 months. Time scales for cases are notoriously difficult to predict. We will of course update you through every stage.

Recovering your costs:

If we successfully defend your case, we will seek to recover your costs by way of a defendant cost order. Once the court has made a defendant costs order, your file will then need to be submitted to the National Taxation Team who will decide what proportion of your costs will be refunded to you.

Time to Pay:

We understand that appreciate that the cost of legal representation is not always affordable, If you have difficulties paying our fees in one instalment, please speak to us about staged payments. We can accommodate most reasonable request. In relation to trial we do ask that all fees are made in full at least 28 days before the trial date.