Divorce is a sad and difficult time for most couples so finding ways to make the experience more palatable is always welcome. The aim, for the majority of people, will be to achieve an amicable, fair and cost effective outcome with minimum stress and anxiety.

The family team at Vyman are specialists with over 20 years of experience in this area of law and have acted for a very broad range of clientele. Here are our top tips to help achieve a more successful outcome on divorce:


Be financially prepared; divorce is not about the short term. Plan for your future needs, possibly as a single parent with a significantly reduced income. Do your research and consider a budget. Will you have enough?


Talk to your partner; if possible be open and honest. This reduces tension and anxiety, helps to minimise your costs and can keep things amicable.


Many couples, sometimes unintentionally, use their children to get their way in a marital dispute. They forget that separation can often be more emotionally traumatic for the children than it is for the parents. Avoid talking about these issues in the earshot of your children, it’s best done when they are not around. 4.


We frequently hear about one party being willing to agree terms of settlement that are unfavourable to them to avoid a bitter or acrimonious dispute. Don’t feel pushed into accepting an offer from your partner if you feel it is unreasonable. If the maths do not add up it probably is unfair. Consider what the consequences will be for you in the long term.


Understand the legal process. Obtaining a court order confirming settlement terms provides certainty and avoids future claims. Speak to a specialist family lawyer; often paying for advice and assistance where needed can result in a smoother and more efficient outcome where you feel supported and stronger.

Zharna Sutaria heads the Family Team at Vyman Solicitors. She is a Law Society accredited specialist and a member of Resolution meaning her focus is always on achieving an amicable settlement.

Contact her on 020 8429 1010 or Zharna.sutaria@vyman.co.uk if you would like to discuss how she may be able to assist you.