Divorce never used to be a ‘common’ issue, nowadays it has become ever-increasing!

If you are thinking about getting a divorce, you need to know what to expect. Each divorce matter is different so not all outcomes will be the same. Below are 5 key elements to consider if you are thinking about getting a divorce:

1) What is the motivation behind the divorce?

Before filing for a divorce, couples need to think about the motivation behind it. If you feel a divorce will resolve an issue with your spouse, you are wrong, you will promote conflict – so think hard about why you want to file for a divorce. Don’t split your family apart due to a rash decision.

2) What happens to your assets?

You need to think about what may happen with your assets such your house, especially if you are joint owners alongside other high value items. Its not the best thing to think about but you will have to right at the start.

3) How does this affect your children?

If divorce is the only way forward, you will need to think about your children and talk to them about it, if they are old enough to understand. Divorce can have a huge effect on children so our recommendation is to be as supportive as possible and to find a way to ‘co-parent’ together.

4) How much will the divorce cost me?

Divorce does not come cheap therefore it is important to keep this in mindVarious elements affect the cost for divorce such as the time taken for proceedings to go through to the professional you hire and whether or not your spouse wants to settle inside or outside of the court. To understand the process, it is important to get guidance from an experienced solicitor.

5) Should I change my name?

When you got married, you may have changed all your legal documents from driving license to passport. Therefore, changing it all back can be daunting.

At the end of the day, divorce is a life changing decision. It is your and your partners decision. No matter what you decide, be sure to factor in the above and most importantly assign the right solicitor on your side.

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