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Relationship breakdown through divorce and separation is an emotional and confusing time for the children involved. The upheaval caused in the family home when their parents decide to go their separate ways is a circumstance the children involved are unable to control and which can have a lasting impact. Sometimes, as adults, we forget to think about the effect that the relationship breakdown has on our children.

Unless the relationship breakdown is managed sensitively, the long term consequences for the child’s emotional and psychological well-being are potentially enormous.

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Focus & Sensitivity

At Vyman Solicitors, we focus on the interests of your children and ensure that their needs remain a priority throughout. The decisions you make relating to your children are one of the most important when going through a separation or divorce and it is important that their views are heard. Our solicitors can help you to gain clarity on the essential questions relating to your children as a result of the relationship breakdown. These questions centre on determining parental responsibility  and arrangements relating to your children which means continuing contact with your children and making decisions about their living arrangements. In addition, our solicitors are experienced in handling cases which involve an international element. 


Important decisions

During a divorce or separation, the decisions that you may need to make in relation to your children can include:

» With whom they will live;

» When they should see the other parent;

»  How the parents should decide important issues such as the choice of school or dealing with a medical issue;

»  If and when to introduce the children to the parent’s new partner;

»  How you would know what level of child maintenance is payable;

»  Whether the children can continue attending private schools after the parents have separated.


The way forward

It is very important to try and agree the arrangements relating to the children as quickly as possible. The longer you take to deal with these issues, the more established the current routines and patterns become. You need to avoid setting a new pattern if you are not happy with it. If you do not do this, the new pattern could become the established pattern and all future decisions could be made against it.

If you are not able to agree the arrangements quickly between you, it is important to take legal advice as soon as you can. At Vyman Solicitors, we understand the need to act quickly in order to preserve your long term position.

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