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Family Finances

Whether you are married, living together or in a civil partnership, the breakdown of your relationship will carry specific implications for your financial arrangements. Yet the issue of money can often be a difficult subject to talk about, particularly when a relationship breaks down. The subject of negotiating a financial settlement is often a cause for contention and emotional resistance, even in the most amicable of divorces or separations.

At Vyman Solicitors we appreciate that sometimes the emotional need to finalise a divorce or separation can put intense pressure on you. This pressure can lead you to make premature decisions about your finances in order to move on with your life. While moving on as smoothly as possible is the best outcome, we work with you and aim to make sure that whatever financial arrangements you make are best for you and your future.



Early stages

At a very early stage in the divorce or separation process, we consider all available options with you. Our experience in this area enables us to present options which you may not have considered. Our aim is to place you in a proactive and informed position where you are likely to have more control over the outcomes that work for you.

To avoid the potential hardship during the early stages of separation, we can also advise you about your options regarding interim financial arrangements. Throughout the process, it is important to bear in mind the impact any disruption in your financial arrangements will have on any children involved. Any debts or liabilities held by either partner will also need to be considered along with the standard of living the parties have attained and become accustomed to during a marriage.



Many people are not aware that there are various options available to help you reach a final agreement. At Vyman Solicitors, we consider these options with you and will advise on the best way forward for you and your family. The options range from mediation to arbitration to Court proceedings. In addition, there are many other options that sit comfortably within the main avenues to settlement or conclusion.

During the process of dealing with financial matters, it is standard practice for each person to make full and frank financial disclosure to the other at an early stage. This may then lead to negotiations and a final agreement or at worst, it can limit the issues that need to be resolved.

If negotiations are not successful, you may wish to consider mediation or if it is suitable, a round table meeting. For many families, these options can often lead to a settlement.



And if all else fails, you can consider Court proceedings or arbitration. Even within this process, we never forget that it is important to try and keep settlement at the forefront of what we do. We always work hard to avoid protracted Court proceedings.

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